Proposed Rail Connection in Crystal

Are you aware of the proposed rail connection going through Crystal? If no you will probably want to be informed about this, as it will effect many of us AND surrounding cities. You can read the city’s most recent information packet here. You can see in the image above where the rail will connect.

This rail connection will greatly increase railroad traffic. A mile-long freight train (carrying primarily Bakken oil) would simultaneously block the 45½ Avenue crossing in Robbinsdale all the way to Winnetka in Crystal, making it very difficult for citizens and emergency vehicles to get from one side of the city to the other. We are very concerned about the safety of these crossings and our ability to get emergency response to our citizens in adequate time.

The federal government has given the railroad eminent domain authority, the connection will be taking out 3 private businesses to make this happen. Your city council, staff and state representatives are fighting this, but we need the help and support of our citizens to keep pushing forward.

To get the most up-to-date information, PLEASE ATTEND a community open house at the Crystal Community Center, this Saturday 9am-Noon.

(The official city invite can be viewed here.)

I encourage you to read this recent summary update, written by Council Member Olga Parsons.  The City of Crystal has also posted information and newspaper articles about the connection, which you can read here.

Thank you for your time and attention!


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