Bassett Creek Regional Trail through Crystal and New Hope

At the April 7th City Council meeting (go here to watch) Three Rivers Park District requested a resolution of support for the completion of the Basset Creek Regional Trail, which will run through Crystal and New Hope.  They have been awarded a $1,030,000 federal grant for this work, and is seeking a local match of $100,000 from Hennepin County.

This route would connect French Regional Park in Plymouth to Theodore Wirth Park in Golden Valley.  It would follow 36th Ave from Winnetka to Nevada Ave, then south on Nevada to 32nd, then east on 32nd to the noise wall, then south to the bike bridge over Highway 100.

The trail will effect properties both in Ward 2 and Ward 1 in Crystal. Existing sidewalk will be ripped out and a much wider trail will be put in. If approved, this project is planned to begin in 2016.

Three Rivers Park will host an open house regarding the trail at the Crystal Community Center, on Monday, April 27th, 5:30-7:30pm.

I encourage residents to attend this open house and to also please contact me with your thoughts or concerns.

The vote to approve or deny the request for approval will take place at the May 5th council meeting.


4 thoughts on “Bassett Creek Regional Trail through Crystal and New Hope

  1. I live on 32nd Avenue. The current bike/parking lane is on my side of the street. There is not enough space between my house and the street to put in a wide paved bike trail. We opposed this proposal when it was proposed before. I still oppose shortening my front yard and having bikers passing right in front of my living room.


    1. Thank you for your input, Barbara, it is much appreciated. I encourage you to make your neighbors aware of the upcoming open house, and that this issue will soon be up for a vote at the Crystal City Council.


  2. What a fantastic proposal! If the New Hope/ Crystal area wants to attract young families, amenities like this bike trail are advantageous. My wife and I bought a home near Hidden Valley park and when we bike to Minneapolis for dinner or the lakes, we have to ride on roads (like 32nd ave) due to the lack of trails. The vast majority of our friends/peer group when looking for homes focus on SW mpls, St. Louis Park, Hopkins and Edina as these communities have positioned themselves to attract young and affluent families. The mentality in our area needs to change if its to change for the better. Thanks for informing about this Barb!


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