Crystal On-Street Parking Laws & Traffic Symposium

What do you think about the current on-street parking ordinance in Crystal?  The City Council is re-examining the current setup and looking for feedback.

The three options are:
1. Keep the current on-street overnight parking restrictions as they are: No on-street parking between 2 and 5 a.m. Seasonal parking permits are available under certain conditions from the Police Department from April 1 – Nov. 30. The first permit is free; subsequent ones are $25.

2. Allow on-street parking April 1 to Nov. 30. No permits would be required for overnight on-street parking. State law requires vehicles be moved every 48 hours and parked vehicles must be currently licensed and operational.

3. During the period of April 1 to Nov. 30, each year, each household would receive one (1) seasonal parking permit at no cost to be shared with guests with no parking.

Residents can email their feedback to
or provide comments at the City’s 

Traffic Symposium/Open House
Sept. 10 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
at the Crystal Community Center, 4800 Douglas Dr. N. in Crystal.

You can also privately email me (or any other council member) with your thoughts ( .

I hope to see many residents at the upcoming Traffic Symposium!! We are very excited about this event. I hope our residents find it helpful by giving them the opportunity to learn AND be heard!

3 thoughts on “Crystal On-Street Parking Laws & Traffic Symposium

  1. I live in Robbinsdale, but I have relatives and friends in Crystal. I think option 2 is best of the 3. If you charge for permits how long are they good for? While on the Robbinsdale Council I pushed for permanent permits around North Memorial but only got 1 year extended to 2 years. Our permits are free for the first 3 then $25 for a 4th (4 is the maximum).


    1. Good question Tom. The discussion has been about “seasonal” permits, even for option #3, though if we are allowing 1 per household it might be worth making it permanent or at least for more than one season (less work to keep track of!).

      The responses to this subject are really quite interesting. I have heard a lot of strong arguing for both #2 and #3. Even though I’d personally be happy with #2 I realize that people are dealing with different issue depending on where they live in Crystal and who their neighbors are.

      I think most citizens could settle for something in between, which is why I suggested #3. Allow for more parking but still somewhat controlled, so as to prevent the late night partying and other concerns.


  2. At a glance option 2 would be the easiest to live with. I fully understand that winter needs a different standard. This option makes it much easier to deal with snow removal issues.


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