Point-of-Sale Home Inspections

At the last City Council meeting, Crystal took the first step to repeal point-of-sale home inspections by holding the first public reading of the ordinance change. 5-1 voted in favor of repealing the point-of-sale inspection.

On August 18th, 7pm at City Hall we will hold the second and final reading.  I encourage citizens to show up and speak out if they have strong feelings one way or another.  You can also contact me (elizabeth.dahl@crystalmn.gov ) or your city council representative (you can find them here: http://www.crystalmn.gov/city_government… ).

To clarify how point-of-sale inspections work:
The city inspects homes about to be sold and gives the seller a list of things that must be fixed before sale can be completed.  If the seller is not able to complete the projects the buyer is then required to do so within a certain time frame after purchase – or the fines will begin.

It is my view that the point-of-sale inspections are a duplicated service and cause more harm than good to the citizens of Crystal. At least 95% of new home owners pay for their own private inspection (which is much more thorough!).  Additionally the city cannot be held accountable for anything our inspectors overlook.

The argument has been that by having city inspections we will be able to control “blight” and force older homes to be brought up to date with newer homes.  However, this is sometimes almost impossible for the owners to do and the result is that the home owner “can’t afford” to sell.

I know of one constituent who paid out $20,000 to bring their plumbing up to date before they could sell their home!  It’s often the senior citizens who have lived in their same home in Crystal for 25+ years that have the most trouble with these inspections. New home buyers should take into account the age of the home and make sure to have at least one private inspection before purchase.  At that point the seller and home owner can work out negotiations on their own.

You may be interested to know, these are the current cities that require point of sale inspections.  Brooklyn Park just ended theirs.

If you would like more information on this topic, again I encourage you to contact me personally or show up at the August 18th City Council Meeting.

Thank you for your attention and valued input!


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