The New Crystal Flag


Our new city flag was unveiled at the Crystal Ball this weekend!

The new City of Crystal Flag features the two shades of blue from the city logo. The blues represent sky and water and are associated with depth, stability, trust, loyalty and wisdom. The white swoop/arc represents the city’s significant transportation and trail systems, also symbolizing upward progress and bold forward movement.

The “14-point star” is my favorite part! It is completely original and not found on any other flag. Each ray represents one of Crystal’s 14 neighborhoods. The “star” also symbolizes a guiding beacon or shining crystal ball, which was once a popular symbol in Crystal.

This flag has been designed using 2-3 colors and avoiding lettering or seals, so that it is easily recognizable from a distance. Watch this TED talk for an inspiring presentation on flag design!…/roman_mars_why_city_flags_may_be_the_…

City of Crystal flags will be available for order at city hall and online on the city’s website at



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